Computers Algorithms

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  • Published : October 26, 2011
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Activity Activity Activity Activity Activity Activity 8 - IntroIntro IntroIntroduction tduction tduction t duction t duction tduction t o Programming Programming Programming Programming Programming Programming Programming Submit you answers in MS Word format to the D2L dropbox

1. The two major components of any computer system are its _____. a. input and output
b. data and programs
c. hardware and software
d. memory and disk drives
2. The major computer operations include _____.
a. hardware and software
b. input, processing, output, and storage
c. sequence and looping
d. spreadsheets, word processing, and data communications
3. Another term meaning “computer instructions” is _____. a.hardware
b. software
c. queries
d. data
4. Visual Basic, C++, and Java are all examples of computer _____. a. operating systems
b. hardware
c. machine languages
d. programming languages
5. A programming language’s rules are its _____.
a. syntax
b. logic
c. format
d. options
6. The most important task of a compiler or interpreter is to _____. a. create the rules for a programming language
b. translate English statements into a language such as Java c. translate programming language statements into machine language d. execute machine language programs to perform useful tasks 7. Which of the following is a typical input instruction?

a. get accountNumber
b. calculate balanceDue
c. print customerIdentificationNumber
d. total = janPurchase + febPurchase
8. Which of the following is a typical processing instruction? a. print answer
b. get userName
c. pctCorrect = rightAnswers / allAnswers
d. print calculatedPercentage
9. Which of the following is not associated with internal storage? a. main memory
b. hard disk
c. primary memory
d. volatile storage
10. Which of the following pairs of steps in the programming process is in the correct order? a. code the program, plan the logic
b. test the program, translate it into machine language
c. put the program...
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