Computerized Voting System

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  • Published: January 30, 2013
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A computerized voting system has a central computer, regional computers and voting modules connected to a data transfer link for communication with one another. The voting modules access the central computer database under control of the central computer control center. Voter data is created at one of the voting modules and communicated to the database for storage. Input voter data for a given voter at any one of the plurality of voting modules during an election is compared to the stored data for the given voter to verify that the given voter is eligible to vote. Access to the stored voter data for the given voter during an election is restricted to prevent the given voter from voting more than once during the election.

The present invention pertains generally to a voting machine, and, more particularly, to a method and apparatus for positive identification of voters to prevent duplicate or fraudulent voting. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION

Voting machines have been used for years to accept, record and tabulate votes cast during an election so that election results can be available in a matter of a few hours instead of the several hours or days that were once necessary. Voting machines have eliminated some voting irregularities, such as the problem of stuffing ballot boxes, that existed with paper ballots. More modem voting machines can tabulate votes and have election results available within a few minutes after the polls are closed. While modern voting machines speed the voting process, problems still exist. One problem is ensuring that the person voting is actually the registered person entitled to vote and not an impostor. Sometimes, voter identification is not checked at the polling place. At other times, identification is verified by comparing a voter's vehicle driver's license or passport against the registered voter list. While this process is helpful, a driver's...
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