Computerized Tracking System in the Accounting Office - Provincial Capitol of Apayao

Topics: Expense, Entity-relationship model, SQL Pages: 20 (5966 words) Published: March 11, 2013


A System Proposal
Presented to the
Faculty Graduate School
Angeles University Foundation

In Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the degree
Master of Information Technology


Imelda M. Taguiam
November 2012

1.1 Background of the Study

The traditional transaction system in the Accounting office Provincial Capitol of Apayao classifies into three areas of transaction, transaction on trust funds, general fund, and educational trust funds. The transaction works on the individual claims that belongs to Personal Services, General Services, Other Maintenance and Operating Expenses, and Capital Outlay. These transactions will be record in the logbook for funding. After recording it will be forwarded to the bookkeeper for bookkeeping, to record allotment to recognize expenditures of offices, then appropriate fund and account in the Registry of allotment and Obligation (RAO). Indeed, the current system still exist and still okey, and adapted in the office. However, in computerized transaction system it will help the office and staff to improve operational efficiency in the office. Because in a manual system is very time consuming, and perhaps most importantly is to see the ability of real time state of transactions. And this computerized transaction system is a help to make improve the efficiency of operation in the office. Perhaps Information Technology refers to the combination of hardware and software products and services that companies use to manage, access, communicate, and share information. The development of technologies have created high demand for workers with computers, communications and other occupational skills to handle business transactions, improve company productivity, and help managers make sound decisions. In the accounting Office of the Provincial Capitol of Apayao. The Transactions are done manually, and imagine a bulk of vouchers to process in a day- to-day transaction in the office. The advantage of computerized transaction system is efficient because it process a set of transaction as a group rather than individually.

1.2 Statement of the Problem

The main problem in this study is how to develop Computerized Transaction Tracking System in the Accounting Office of the Provincial Capitol of Apayao .
Specifically, this study seeks to answer the following problems:

1. Wastage time- The employee assigned to this work is consuming much of his time browsing the record in the mother logbook, looking the record because of misleading in the balance of obligated transactions. 2. Over staff- The office has overstaff. Because one employee will handle one job in the office. Like receiving transactions one employee is assigned to receive and record the transaction in the mother logbook, and that’s it then next job is another employee and etc. 3.

3. Loss of documents: Upon finishing a manually produced schedule, this would be passed from one office to the other until one office might misplace the schedule. This has been happening over the past years. 4. Costly: Running and maintenance of such a manual system is very difficult and costly and requires many staff and expenses.

1. Security issues: There is no adequate security of documents. Paper-based transactions are just kept in filing cabinets. 2. Voluminous paper work: Since the class scheduling is done manually, an enormous volume of paper work is needed to keep records. This volume is very difficult to maintain especially these are accessed regularly. 3. Misleading. Over the years the Colleges experience conflicts in schedule even until one week after classes have formally opened. This brings out inefficiency and...
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