Computerized Sales System Draft

Topics: Business, Management, Customer service Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: October 6, 2012
Theoretical Framework

Review of Related Literature

Since information technology systems develop rapidly, various applications have been diverted from being manually processed to being computerized. However, some entities have been devoted to the use of manual operations and thus, were not open to adopt such changes that have been brought by modernization.

Operating hand by hand, especially in business operations, is apparently fussy and therefore, higher degree of caution must be exercised to assure accuracy of information. But where bulks of orders are placed successively, it is inevitable for the cashier to commit errors in recording the transactions or if not, to omit some of them. Similarly, when lots of customers should be served simultaneously, this kind of system may be a hindrance to maintain the integrity of the entity due its slow process. To avoid, or at least to lessen such drawbacks, computerized sales system must have been implemented.

A computerized sales system is a combination of software and hardware that captures orders, records data, and displays or prints receipts. It links the cashier and customer to an entire network of information, handling the transactions between the customer and establishment, and maintaining updates on sales activities of the company. A business that handles large volumes of detailed or repetitious information in short periods of time will benefit from computerization. Some of its common applications are: performing complicated computations quickly and accurately (i.e., the total bills that would be charged to the customers and total sales of the day and of a certain period as well); printing information such as official receipt and sales report; and keeping transaction records in a more organized manner.

The system is designed to meet the unique needs of restaurants of all sizes including small cafés, delivery only, full service, and multi-store chains. This sales management tool can add convenience,...
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