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IV. Analysis of the Issue
By having a plan of widening the  Cunderdin-Quairading Road , conservation is still involved because the management involved in the operation were able to conserve the old and big trees. They are able to protect and enhance the environmental values of road reserves. By consulting to the Department of Environment and Conservation for a clearing permit gave them permission what trees to cut and remind them to be responsible enough on how to conserve nature despite of the more industrialized world for convenience. The study also increased the employees’ and community’ s awareness of roadside conservation. It can provide safe and efficient road access while balancing best practice environmental management.

It only shows that conservation is not a hindrance to save nature even though we want to improve our community or to build business. It is just a matter of planning and remembering the environment.

The study about Shire of Cunderdin: Cunderdin-Quairading Road is just an example of conservation issue that must be given attention. It shows that people are still aware of the conservation issues and trying to promote goodwill to save the planet for our future generation.

II. Case Study
Shire of Cunderdin: Cunderdin-Quairading Road


The Shire of Cunderdin undertook road upgrade works along the Cunderdin-Quairading Road during 2011. This upgrade was in response to the state government decision to close Tier 3 grain-freight railway lines which would result in increased grain freight traffic on local roads such as the Cunderdin-Quairading Road.  The road works

The road works included formation works, shoulder works, drainage works, overlay and widening. The object of the upgrade was to:
* clear grass, some small vegetation and minimal trees
* reform and improve drainage
* box out shoulders to a depth of 10 centimetres
* overlay old pavement 10 centimetres
* widen the pavement to 9 metres with a seal width of...
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