Computerized Payroll System

Topics: Computer, Social groups, Computer software Pages: 3 (492 words) Published: November 24, 2012
Background of the Study
Computer Technology has been utilized tremendously. It is faced with sophisticated techniques and people’s demand. It has helped them to scope up with the changing time and speed up work in order to be competitive with the rest of the world. Computers as a necessity not a luxury provides people an immediate job and quicker output. And because of this, business transactions have been computerized and with just a press of key on the computer, you will see all sorts of information that could readily be seen on the computer screen. It is then with this purpose that the researchers innovated this Computerized Payroll System for Volunteer for the Visayans that will aid in the conduct of easy systematic and fast access of files. This Computerized Payroll System will provide the establishment with much different application such as computing the salary/ies of the employees of their establishment, employees list, about their establishment, and other tools that could be of use such as calculator, calendar and notes that could give a great contribution to improve the current system leaving behind the manual work. It could surely lessen the difficulties such as inaccurate record of wages/salaries on the file for every employee record, their weekly and monthly reports which is manually done.

Statement of the Problem

This study aimed to develop a computer-based Payroll System, so as to justify its advantages over that of the current system employed by the Volunteer for the Visayans.
More specifically, the study sought to answer the following questions that served as guide to formulate a good and effective Payroll System for the said establishment.
1. What are the problems encountered on the Payroll System of Volunteer for the Visayans?
2. What system may be proposed to improve the Payroll System of Volunteer for the Visayans? 3. What are the benefits of using a Computerized Payroll System?

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