Computerized Library System

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A library computer system is the software used to catalog, track circulation (where appropriate) and inventory a library's assets. It is intended for home, church, private enterprise or other small to medium sized collections. Larger, First World libraries will typically use an integrated library system to manage the more complex activities such as acquisitions and the reference in book The Silliman University Main Library System began its services with only two bookcases and one small room in Silliman Hall.  From this humble beginning, the library collection grew steadily. Today, with its present magnificent edifice, some observers have been heard to remark that it could well be among the best in Southeast Asia.  The library aims to equip itself with updated materials, facilities, and equipment in support of the University's quest for excellence in all its academic programs.The Library now holds more than 100,000 volumes of books on various subjects.  It subscribes to local and foreign serials and maintains special pamphlet collections, namely, Filipiniana, Southeast Asia, and United Nations.It also has a Sillimaniana collection which is housed in an air-conditioned room located at the southern portion of the first floor of the library building.  Materials in the collection include the Weekly Sillimanian, Sillimanian Magazine, Portal, Faculty and Staff publications, and others.  Various plaques and trophies awarded to the University, as well as, portraits of present and past presidents of Silliman University are also on display.In terms of facilities, the Library provides individual study carrels for its users.  In addition, there are also faculty study rooms for the use of faculty/staff members who are undertaking research work for the University, or writing their theses or dissertations.  These faculty rooms are available upon application at the University Librarian's Office.  For group discussions, there are two discussion rooms available at the second floor of the library building, on a first come, first served basis. For the duplicating needs of the library users, photocopying services are provided.In line with the current awareness program, the Library puts out the Silliman University Library Bulletin (SULB).  This publication generally carries bits of information about the library and its operations, and a listing of newly-acquired books and other materials.The staff members, assisted by student assistants, carry out the library's day-to-day functions and operations.

Computerized Library System
Schools set the various pedagogical changes to achieve the current level of education in other countries. Because of the growing numbers of computer users, this became an effective medium to demonstrate the knowledge and skills of the students. From the traditional searching process for the books in the libraries, the interactive usage of computers can be now addressed as part of the library system. Background and Problem Statement

In the aim of the universities to supply the necessary materials to their students, the idea of library management system is introduces. This involves the utilization for processing, accessing and retrieving the information that can effectively support the process of student’s learning, decision- making and scholastically approaches. Because of the organized approach and systematic management of the information, the accessibility and retrieval in the library can be easy. However, how effective does the computerized library system in the schools or

Library System


A library is an institution that makes items such as books, videos, records and available to borrowers for a limited period of time. The borrowers will return the item to the library after this limited period of time and the item may subsequently be lent to other borrowers. Sometimes the item is not locally available, but may be remotely borrowed from a collaborating...
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