Computerized Library System

Topics: Accounting software, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable Pages: 10 (1994 words) Published: August 23, 2012
The Fisher Valley College
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Accounting System

1. Sabatin, Tearose_____________________
2. Gueco, Divine Grace Marie_____________________
3. Siaga, Paulo_____________________
4. Sandocal, Christine Joy_____________________

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2.1 Background of the study
2.2 Conceptual framework of the study
2.3 Statement of the problem
2.4 Hypothesis
2.5 Significance of the study
2.6 Scope and limitation
2.7 Definition of terms

2. Review of Related Literature and Studies
3.8 Local Literature
3.9 Foreign Literature
3.10 Local Studies
3.11 Foreign Studies
3.12 Synthesis

3. Research Methodology
4.13 Research Design
4.14 Method used in Developing and Evaluating the Software Product 4.15 Respondents Distribution
4.16 Data Gathering Procedure
4.17 Instrument
3.6 Statistical Treatment

Chapter 1
A very competitive changing environment in which the companies that added the most value and respond quickly succeed. Information is becoming one of an organization’s most important resources. Advances in information technology have been much more rapid than in any industry. Many information customers are dissatisfied with the quality and timeless of information provided by accounting system.

Over the past two decades the way accounting data is entered, stored and processed has changed considerably. This is due to the introduction of computerized accounting packages. It is no longer necessary for large companies to have huge store rooms full of ledgers and records. Instead all information can be stored in computer hard disks. Accounting packages give many advantages over manual systems, for example entries do not have to be recorded in multiple ledgers. A single entry is made and the package will update all the appropriate accounts automatically.

Computerized accounting is a beneficial use of current technological advances. Not only has it revolutionized the traditional paper methods of accounting, but it has also created new types of accounting applications for business. Companies now create entire accounting information systems that integrate all business operations, including external suppliers and vendors in the value chain.

1.1 Background of the Study

The computerized accounting system has traditionally captured and store data about the selected subset of business transactions, namely activities that meet the definition of an accounting transactions; events that composition of the company’s assets, liabilities or owner’s equity. Computerized accounting packages also make it possible for people in other departments, not just accounting to enter data. It does not require a vast amount of accounting knowledge for a pay role clerk to enter wages details into the accounts. Just a basic understanding of how to use the package is needed.

An accounting system is a structure that a business uses to collect, store, manage, process, retrieve and report its financial data so that it can be used by accountants, consultants, business analysts, managers, auditors, regulatory and tax agencies. Almost every company and organization does computerized accounting in some way. Companies can choose from among several options in accounting programs. Some are easy to use, while others are more complicated. An accountant posts the transaction to the accounts chosen and a record is kept in the system of all accounts and balances at all times.

It records all accounts payables and receivables. At any time, a company can view amounts owed to people and amounts owed to the company. It also used for recording all cheque written and all deposits made. An accountant posts all cheque into the system and records all deposits. At the end of each month when the bank...
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