Computerized Enrollment System

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Computer now a days have a wonderful effect in all aspects of a human being from a single thing or relating to human beings living in society. This advance technology has been the range or scope of something to influence the society’s modernization. We are therefore enhancing the development of our society through the use of computer. Researchers tend to find answer to every problem they encountered, to find solutions to ease the burden of the tiring task, to a programmer and to have more suitable technological and computerized world. Computers are the main instruments used of programmer, embedded with the different computer languages used to make something new to invent systems, until now computer continue to evolve in the world of programmers. It also serves like a human friend that helps in storing data to process. It is also made by computer-based system to lessen the work of the employees in organization. One of the computer-based system is the computerized enrollment system, in which it is essential in the development of the organization that provides the information needed by the organization for achieving results without waste of time and effort and producing a specified effect. Computer system is a complete, working computer. Computer systems will include the computer along with any software and peripheral devices that are necessary to make the computer function With the help of computers, it facilitate development and provide an effort means of storing data to produce the accuracy of results and it save time, because of the pervasiveness of computer in our society, it is important in specific sense of what computers are limited to perform. Furthermore, the role of computers in modern society is to save in effort in doing things. The Computerized Enrollment System provides more suitable goal to protect and store information, to improve student organization service. We know that there are great differences between manual and computer- based system. Hence, this study is simply expelling the manual and gives tighter control to computer-based system for the betterment of the presentation.


Computers are simply tools that offer the opportunity to collect and store data, process business transactions with great speed and accuracy and provide timely and relevant information for decision making. The teacher of Rebecca National High School encounters some problems in serving the students in their enrollment. The researcher has devised a system for the enrollment of the students. The result will serve as the output that is the Computer-Based Enrollment System of Rebecca National High School. Successful Enrolment management depends on information base that is comprehensive targeted and continuously updated to conform to enrolment policies and to monitor its effectiveness. Institutions implementing enrolment program needs to establish an initial information infrastructure. This data will identify areas in need of further analysis that may suggest policy revision. This Approach:

1. Establishes a comprehensive framework
2. Encourages development of enrolment target performance, monitoring system and tracking files 3. Identifies areas of the students
4. Integrates institutional research into enrolment management policy formation 5. Promotes continues improvement through the data analysis policy cycle

Statement of the Problem
The following are the problems that the researchers gathered: 1. How to produce a system?
2. How to provide a system that can duplicate errors?
3. How to provide a system that can retrieve and store data? 4. How to provide a system that will save time?
5. How to produce a system that easy to follow?

Objectives of the Study
The aim of this study is to:
1. To produce a system
2. To provide a system that can duplicate errors
3. To provide a system that can retrieve and store data
4. To...
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