Computerisation of Office Front Desk Operations.

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  • Published : May 28, 2012
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Computerisation of office front desk operations.

1. Introduction.

Computerisation is the process of making use of suitable software programs on computers to carry out typical or specific tasks of a business, a service or an entire suite of operations logically related under a particular head which are usually carried out manually.

Conventionally, all activities of any office are carried out based on paperwork. These activities include keeping records of transactions, storing them in appropriate files, arranging them suitable to a plan such that they are readily available for review. In addition, sometimes backups, duplicates or triplicates of the same are required. There is a lot of man-power expended in this way. Some times, a few employees co-ordinate between themselves to successfully complete the duties. Many times aggregation of a set of activities carried out by these different individuals is required.

This is relatively slower, time consuming and comparitively inefficient. All offices therefore find it advantageous to computerise their processes.

2. Objective.

To computerise the office front desk operations of a clinic.

Given the existing system of operation, recording patients' cases, preparing files and keeping those files protected so that the health profile of a patient may be browsed through at a glance is tedious and inefficient. This being the case with the original files, making and maintaining backup copies is even more resource consuming. So, computerising the activities is an ideal solution to this scenario.

In the proposed system, all conventional operations of the front desk of a clinic shall be computerised. Patient records, health profiles, procedures and treatments undertaken for a particular patient, etc shall all be in the digital format. Computer programs shall keep records consistent and easy to operate while inputting the data, renewing or retreiving a particular record of interest. This will be highly...
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