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  • Published : July 8, 2011
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Computers are all around us and can be considered a wonder of the world. Thanks to the computers, we drive computerized cars, receive letters sent by computers, astronauts can go to the space and return safely. Thus, the computer has significantly changed our world through advances in science and medicine, business and education. In fact the computer is a wonderful electronic brain that we have come to rely on.

First off, computers have contributed to the advances in science and medicine. In the sixties the U. S landed men on the moon because of computers. For example remember the first men that walk in the moon surface Neil Armstrong. We couldn't have gotten there without computers in the equipment and guiding systems. Also doctors use computers to treat patients. For example CAT scans and MRI's find diseases such as brain tumors. So computers are making it easier for doctors to tell us what's wrong with our health.


[pic][pic][pic]From advances in science and technology we now use computers in business. Computers are used in business to type letters and send messages. Every office has world processors now. Secretaries can type faster and check spelling and grammar to avoid mistakes. More over they can send letters by fax machine, which is just like a telephone and a copier. In addition all phone calls are send immediately because of sophisticated computer equipment. People can also make bank transactions in just seconds by using computers. For example, they can deposit and retrieve money from their accounts through an ATM machine. Indeed, offices and banks can't operate as effectively without a variety of computers not in existence a decade ago.

Like business, education has improved because of computers. Today even pre-schools and elementary schools use computers to help children to learn grammar and math. On the word processor students can do their homework and check their grammar and spelling. In the library, students search for any...
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