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Computers have gained popularity over the years and everyone at least has one somewhere stashed around their house. We have the need to use computers for everything. Computers have become sort of like a useful household staple that can manipulate any data we want according to a set of instructions. That's how it is, all we have to do is give the computer instructions and it does all the hard work for us.

Books on the other hand, have been around for many centuries- around 1800 BC, while the computer has only been around in the mid 20th century. Books have started off with being written on clay, stone, metal sheets and tree bark. Later to be written on papyrus scrolls, wax tablets, wood block printing, and manuscripts.

It's obvious to see that books are evolving to become more reliable and better as the years pass. I can see why someone would think that computers will soon replace books. The computer is already trying to get a head start by allowing computer users the choice of making the infamous e-book. 

These books are electronic books (hence the abbreviation "e-book") that is known as a book produced in electronic format. E-books are easy to make and use for writers who decide to make a book in e-text. The computer is also popular for the "Blook." What is the Blook? It's an online book that is usually published on blogs. The information in the Blook is always related to the content featured on the blog.

Even though it seems like the computer is trying to replace books, I don't think it will. My main reason for this being that book fanatics (like myself) will be severely disappointed by having to scroll to read online. Don't get me wrong, I do like searching and reading a wide variety of online books that only the computer has to offer but it's just not enough. There is something about sitting at home and relaxing with a cup of tea while getting lost in an paperback/hardcover novel. This isn't a possibility if you read on a computer. We would have...
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