Computer Viruses of Today

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  • Published: April 9, 2011
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Research paper for the Course of English

Computer viruses of today

Submission date:

The Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics

The English Department

Moscow 2010
1 Essence of computer viruses4
3 Antivirus software 11 CONCLUSION 13 References 14

For last decades the technology of the software has strongly changed. In this time, the software has made very much to help mankind, and now we use various software every day of our life. Some people may say they’re completely dependent on it. Every year, every month, new software comes with new ways to aid us, so in any time if a new need arises, we can count on new software being released for that specific purpose. While the software is created to make our daily life and career easier, there also exits software, which sole purpose is to do harm and hinder the daily routine of ordinary users. Such programs are commonly referred to as viruses. Malicious programmers write computer viruses for various reasons. Some of virus-makers do it just for fun, others write viruses for personal gain, many do it for fame. Computer viruses are a big problem not only for those people who works with computers, but also for those people who depends on the companies which use computers as well. A well-written malicious virus could halt production in companies. It could also make the stock market crashing in the course of an hour, or could make to make millions of innocent internet users be helpless as their Internet providers struggle with intensive system overloads from cleverly created viruses. Now in information press appears a lot of various reports about the emergence of new species of viral infection. But usually, there is an advertizing of means of active and passive...
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