Computer Uses and Functions

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  • Published : July 14, 2011
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1. General.Bangladesh is now facing a great challenge for making herself as a learning society amongst the whole world. Most of our citizens are not equipped with the knowledge, skills and qualifications on information and communication technology (ICT). To ensure our country as a learning society we need to educate our citizens in computer knowledge, skills and qualifications on ICT. Computer revolution imposes particular challenges on education systems in Bangladesh. These challenges reduce to three broad areas. The first has to do with participation in the information society, the second considers how ICT impacts on access, cost effectiveness and quality of education, while the third is to do with the way that ICT changes the education process. However, ICT is contributing to ever-increasing inequalities in Bangladesh through the so-called “digital divide” that splits the Bangladesh between those who are “ICT-literate” and the majority who are not and most of the women have no access to a computer and the Internet. A series of factors, including literacy and education, language, time, cost, geographical location of facilities, social and cultural norms, and women's computer and information search and dissemination skills constrain women's access to information technology.

2.Prospects Of Computer In Bangladesh. New software is being used in many ways like bringing newness in business, atomising offices and industries, and producing different products. With software, information is readily available everywhere. It has been possible to do otherwise time-consuming works in a short time. So, the software industry is expanding very fast. Though challenging, this new industry is creating various types of employments too.

There is a bright prospect for Bangladesh in this software industry. By virtue of this flourishing industry, the country too is forwarding to e-commerce-based economy, keeping pace with the trends in today's world....
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