Computer Translators

Topics: Translation, Linguistics, Poetry Pages: 1 (293 words) Published: February 20, 2013
With the rapid development of computer science, computer can translate all kinds of languages. Therefore, some people say that children need not study foreign languages any more. From my point of view, I think computer will never take the place of human beings. Firstly, language is closely related to a country’s culture. Through language study, students can know the culture of a country. For example, if you study English, you can know a lot of things about English literature, English poetry, English festivals and English customs. I am English major. I like English romantic poems very much. The beautiful verses by many poets as Shalley, Burns and other famous English poets are still very popular in modern literature. We also enjoy some English festivals like Halloween, April Fools Day and Christmas, when people celebrate in night clubs and bars and have a lot of fun. Secondly, computer is only a machine, whose programs are designed and written by human beings. Without an intimate knowledge of foreign languages and translation, we cannot write an efficient translation programs for computers, which will be a cold machine and become useless. Thirdly, language study can cultivate a child’s intelligence. Language is a unique ability of our human beings. Language study can improve children's audio ability. They can distinguish the subtle differences of pronunciation and rhythm. However, we don't deny the advantages computer takes us. We have to read some foreign articles and materials in our study and work. Some translation software can give us an immediate explanation of some difficult words, which saves us a lot of valuable time. To sum up, computer will never take the place of our human beings as a translator or an interpreter, because their ability is decided by human beings.
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