Computer Technology’s Effect on the Practice of Nursing

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  • Published : May 6, 2012
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Computer Technology’s Effect on the Practice of Nursing
Susanne Swisher
Facilitator: Jeannie Short
NUR 224: Nursing Informatics
September 23, 2007
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Computer Technology’s Effect on the Practice of Nursing
The practice of nursing is affected in many ways by the introduction of computer technology and automated health information systems. Benefits include rapid result reporting, continuity of care, access to previous medical history, treatments, testing, and home medication lists, and a reduction in medication/treatment errors or duplicate tests. Drawbacks include variations in the learning curve, perceived loss of patient contact time to learn and perform computer entry charting, and the potential for violations of the patient’s right to privacy of health information. Nurses, according to Holder (2004), have completed some form of charting since early in nursing history when Linda Richards started leaving a clinical record of the patients’ vitals and other information at each bedside. Time and invention have improved the clinical documentation process, making the patients health information available to many clinicians at the click of a button. Information technology staff at Saint Raphael Healthcare System in New Haven, Connecticut say they knew that “physicians respond better to ’just-in-time training’, so we provided it: One-on-one training in their offices or at the hospital to accommodate their schedules” (Davidson & Riordan, 2004). However, these...
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