Computer Systems Unit 2 Btec Ict

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  • Published : March 19, 2011
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BTEC NDA Unit 2 Computer Systems
Task One: Decoding the Jargon
Component| Image| Description & Purpose|
Internal system unit components| | |
Processors| | The processor is the brain of the computer; it will process the instructions of a program together with the input data. It does this by interpreting the instructions into movements of code and data within the memory. The processor will also perform calculations within the ALU unit (Arithmetic and Logic Unit). There are many types of processors available now. Intel Pentium, Dual Core, and many more. Processors can be compared by their clock speed, these are measured in MHz (millions of pulses per second) or GHz (billions of pulses per second).| Motherboard| | Motherboards are where all the actions happens in a computer. Every motherboard has a series of basic components that make them all perform their functions, and most of the messages are sent between devices in a computer are managed by the motherboard’s circuitry. Altogether, the purpose of a motherboard is to provide circuitry that serves communication medium for computers. Mother boards can either be-: 1. Integrated - where all major components are mounted onto a single board. 2. Non Integrated - where all the controllers are added using expansion slots.The problem with integrated board is that one component fails the whole board has to be replaced.| BIOS| | BIO is a software that is stored on a non-volatile ROM chip built into the system on the motherboard. The BIOS software is designed to work with a specific type of system in question this includes having knowledge of the workings of various devices that makes up the chipset of the system. In modern computer systems, the BIOS chip’s content can be rewritten allowing the BIOS software to be upgraded. BIOS will also have User Interface (UI for short). This is a menu system and can be accessed by pressing a certain key when the PC starts. In the BIOS UI, a use can do the...
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