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  • Published : September 8, 2010
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Caring Hands System Proposal
Idalina AckermanCIS 105May 14, 2010

IT Computing Agency is please to present a computing proposal to Caring Hands to assist your business to run efficiently and effectively. We understand the dynamics that a small business in a competitive market faces. We believe that the home healthcare market is growing and maturing in the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas. We are ready to place a modern computing system with new technology to meet your needs to succeed. Having duly examined your situation, we are confident that our proposal services will effectively address all of your needs. Our goal is to put a computing system that will allow your business to access the internet, have sufficient computing power to run essential software. It will also have the capability for remote access, the ability to expand without the need to replace your system was also taken into consideration. Our analysts have reviewed the company’s wants and needs for the purchase of the new computing system. They have identified several areas including recovery, security, backup, remote access, accounting ability, office productivity, operation management, email, communication and Antivirus/Malware protection. System and Components

All the computers and servers are ASUS products. The components are available online on the official web site as well as on other competitive site. We have chosen, keeping your budget in mind and for better accessibility. The website allow for us to bundle our systems, which leads to greater savings. The office desktop is ASUS Essentio and the three Laptops are ASUS Laptops. The two servers are also ASUS TS 500; each server has 4 GB of memory (RAM), and a quad core CPU system. The desktop Essentio has 8GB of memory with an Intel core i5 processor. It has a 4 way processor with turbo boost technology. The hard drive has amazing 1TB storage and a multiformat DVD/CD drive. The desktop comes...
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