Computer System in Different Environment

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MH Kabir
Evaluate the information needs of the different functional areas on the above organization [P1] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this small company base their organizational structures on few various functional areas, creating departments around these functions and assigning responsibilities according to experience. Several key types of functional areas are typically seen in business this hotel business environments:

1.Administration & Maintenance department
In our case study organization is a small business organization. Actually this business needs 3 functioning department. This departments functions are as under-

* Mail receiving , distribute and dispatching .
* Researching information.
* Preparing document for the organization.
* Purchasing of office stationery and equipments for the hotel. * Keep record of all income and expenditure, staff welfare. * Hotel electronics equipments maintenance & repairs. * Health and safety (Check the all fire exit and fire alarm). * Provide to routine check (gas heating, electric connection) are functioning properly without any risk * Administration department share information with others department.

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2.Marketing & Customer service department
In this organization Marketing and Customer service department are functioning together. Above department directly handle to the customers & marketing activities. Functions are as under- * Service to the customer in face to face roll and also reply telephone. Making promotional deals for the customers (rate * Received enquiry and complaints to the customer.

* Online dealings with customers i.e. online hotel room booking. * Receive payment from customer.
* Create marketing plan activities & design to increase the customers...
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