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ERD Tutorials

1 Small College Database

Draw an entity matrix and an ERD for a small college database comprising the entity types: DEPARTMENT, COURSE, STUDENT and LECTURER.

Each department has many lecturers. A lecturer belongs to only one department. Each department offers many different courses, and many lecturers can teach on a single course. Lecturers can also teach on more than one course. A student may enrol for many courses offered by different departments.

2 Local Education Authority (LEA)

A local education authority (LEA) requires a system to hold details of the applicants who apply for courses run by local colleges. Each course is run at only one college, though more than one course is run at each college. An applicant may apply for several courses. Details are to be kept of the standard qualifications that the majority of applicants have, such as GCSEs.

Draw an entity matrix and ERD for this system.

3 The Bus Company

A country bus company owns a number of buses. Each bus is allocated to a particular route, although some routes may have several buses. Each route is made up of several stages which can passes through a number of towns. A town may be situated along several stages (of different routes of course). One or more drivers are allocated to each stage of a route. Prepare an entity matrix and an ERD for this scenario.

4 Student Enrolment

A college has a student enrolment system. Each student is enrolled on one course. The students choose which modules they wish to study. Students from several courses may choose to study the same module. A course will typically have several modules, and an individual module may be offered on several different courses. Requirements of the system include the ability to determine which students are enrolled on a particular course and which modules a student has chosen to study; on which course a module may be studied; which modules are offered by a particular course....
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