Computer Science I.A.

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Computer Science
Unit 1:
Fundamentals of Computer Science

Computer Science
Unit 1:
Fundamentals of Computer Science

Name: Alrick Isaacs
Subject: Computer Science
School: St. George’s College
Teacher: Ms. Davis
Registration#: 100107____
Territory: Jamaica, W.I.

This Internal Assessment is a based on problem solving where the researcher has chosen a problem where the implementation of algorithms is used to find the solution. The problem developed is made so that the researcher can show the examiner the step by step procedure used to solve the problem. The problem developed was of the business Kool Kut Barbers where the problem entails the business trying to improve their profits and system which manages the efficiency of their services.

Table of Content

Content Page

The Question (Requirements) 2

Problem Definition 3 Pseudocode 4-10 Narrative 11-12

Test Plan 13

Test Result 14-18

C Program 19-30

The Question (Requirements)

Each candidate is expected to choose a problem for which a software solution is appropriate and create algorithms for the solution using sequencing, assignments, and iteration ( bounded and unbounded). They should represent their algorithms using narrative format and either flow chats or pseudo code. Candidates are expected to implement their algorithms as C programs using arrays with no less than five functions and using at least one file. They must also create a test plan that is used to test their implemented programs for correctness.

Definition of Problem

The manager or owner of Kool Kut Barbers has a problem as his establishment is losing customers or sales due to the lack of organization in dealing with the customers. The employees have been faced with problems as the correct order in which the customers come, the prices which each individual should pay and the customers service selection are all time consuming to deal with each and every customer. The manager would like to develop a program or system where both customers and employees can log in. The system also has a price list of the services they give. The program allows one to log in state whether male or female as the prices for male and female trims differ. After ordering a service the system asks if the customer would like to add a pattern. The system logs the time and order in which customer come and also state which of the barbers will be serving them. There are additional options as to view the owner’s detail. When logged in as an employee you can access the customers information, the services they order, the time and the order in which they logged in and the total amount received from each customer.

Flow Chart/Pseudocode

prompt Hello user, are you a customer or a employee? Please press 1 for customer or 2 for employee:

read choice

while choice = 0 or choice > 2

prompt Invalid entry, please enter 1 for customer or 2 for employee:

read choice

if choice = 1, then

Are you sure you want to enter as a customer? If No is chosen, you will be redirected to the employees' login page? Kool Kut Barbers
else if choice = 2, then

Are you sure you want to enter as an employee? If No is chosen, you will be redirected to the customers section, Kool Kut Barbers
prompt Are you male or female? Enter 1 for male, or 2 for female\

read sex

while sex = 0 or sex > 2

prompt Please enter 1 for male or 2 for female

read sex...
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