Computer Problems That Drive You Crazy

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  • Published : October 3, 2008
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Computer Problems that Drive you Crazy
Steve, looking disheveled, calmly rises from his chair at the computer desk, while pausing a moment to push the chair in before he leaves the room. Shortly after, he returns with the biggest sledge hammer he could find, and uncontrollably starts smashing the hell out of his computer. He starts to break a sweat before he stops as his arms can no longer lift the sledge hammer. However, by now, all that’s left is particles the size of wood chips. This scenario actually occurring is unlikely, but most people have had similar thoughts and urges. Such urges occur more often as the average computer user is faced with newer technology. As technology advances, so do computers users’ technical issues. Computer users are confronted with computer problems daily, from different types of infections to hardware crisis to software dilemmas. Firstly, computers nowadays acquire many different types of infections. These infections range from viruses, to spyware and adware, to Trojan horses. The number of viruses in known existence exceeded 50,000 in 2001 and this number has grown daily since (“Number” 1). The good news here is the greater portion of viruses are not in circulation, but exist in archives and reference libraries for analysis (“Number” 1). Also, as for the most common viruses and those in virus libraries, anti-virus programs have a way to remove them. One difficulty users often face, is trying to figure out if a virus resides on their computer. Some viruses exist on a user’s computer without him / her knowing it for months before detection. Other viruses are immediately detectable and easily removed. Then the really nasty viruses make it apparent they’re on your PC, but are seemingly impossible to remove so one simply decides to erase the hard drive and reinstall everything. Next, the problem of spyware and adware has exceeded that of viruses. The makers of this nuisance have targeted the widest audience possible so the users...
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