Computer Operations, Solving Problem, & Algorithm

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Computer Operations, Solving Problems, and Algorithms

As we learn more on how to construct and put together a functional computer program, there are many things that need to be understood for this to occur. This paper will address this by expounding upon three topics that do just that. With use of pseudo code (the use of nouns and verbs) are words used by programmers to help code or construct a computer program. The first section will identify the six basic computer operations that take place in the construction of a computer program as well as explain each operations role in a computer program. The second section will describe the process and methods for problem recognition and problem solution. And lastly we will define the process of algorithm development and explain each step of the process.

As we identify the six basic computer operations that are used to write computer programs, use of pseudo code terms will also help identify if the particular action being described is part of the program’s input, processing, or output component of the program. The six basic computer operations are: 1. Computers can receive information. (Input) – When computers have to get information from a type of source whether it’s retrieved from a file, computer terminal, or device. The following pseudo code terms are used. a) Read- is used when retrieving input from file.

b) Get- is used when information is retrieved from an input device such as a keyboard.

2. Computers can output information. (Output)- When a computer has to output information whether if it is a printing device or displayed on screen. The following pseudo code terms are used. a) Print- is used when output needs to be sent to a printing device. b) Write- is used when output information is written to a file. c) Put, Output, and Display- are terms used in pseudo code for visual display. 3. Computers can calculate mathematical computations.-(Processing) during the...
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