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  • Published : December 16, 2012
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Prepare a detailed report for User Requirements for Question Bank System. The overview of the problem is described as under:

1.0 Overview

Through Question Bank System (“QBS”) we are looking forward to prepare a large corpus of the multiple choice questions in the area of General English, Quantitative Reasoning, Logical Reasoning, Mathematics, Computer Science and Electronics & Communication. Faculty members from various universities/institutions/colleges will be enrolled online for the contribution of the questions in the area of their interest. Another group of faculty member will do the validation of the questions online for the allotted subject or part thereof. National Online Examination System (NOES) shall use the validated questions for the generation of the question paper.

It is expected that the enrolled faculty shall contribute the questions in the system online. In case a faculty is offering the questions manually, it will be entered by the data entry operator and checked for correction by the exam assistant before providing it to the faculty member for Validation of the question. Considering the volume of the questions for Data entry a number of agencies/data entry operator are hired on need basis.

It is expected that the system shall provide the mechanism for checking the duplicity of the question at the time of the data entry.

System shall also have the feature for payment to the agencies performing the data entry work, faculty members contributing the questions and validating the questions. A different plan of payment for each contributor may exists depending upon his/her role/participation in the QBS. Payment policies are also liable to change time to time.

Controller of Examination (COE) shall be the Administrator of the Question Bank System. COE shall be able to manage the different types of the users, grant the rights for accessing the various type of information from the system to the various users. He shall also be...
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