Computer Maintenance

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System Information
Maintaining your computer can be very tedious, but with the proper knowledge you can simplify this process by automating many features so they run and function with minimal or no user input. Turning on Window’s automatic updater will help keep your system up to-date. You can set the updater to check at set times with Microsoft to see if there are any new updates available.

Knowing vital information about your system is an important step in keeping your system running properly. By using the System Information Utility you can familiarize yourself with all of your systems components and drivers. Using this utility you can view any conflicts that might be causing errors in your system or get in-depth information on any drivers your hardware uses.

Scheduling tasks is another way to simplify your computer maintenance. You can use the Scheduled Tasks Manager to set tasks and programs to run at specific times. This utility can be very powerful with the proper knowledge to use it. You can even have it call shortcuts to programs you have made to run specific parameters included through the shortcut and can fully eliminate user input on certain programs such as the disk clean up utility. Networking Concepts

Having a base understanding of networking and internet concepts can save you a great deal of stress when having to configure and setup networks. When it comes to internet connection, everyone today needs to have the quickest connection that can be provided for them. Majority of towns and cities offer high-speed internet connections available in two major choices: cable or DSL. Cable Internet is faster of the two, but for the average user the difference is never noticed. DSL will provide a more solid less erratic connection then cable with a higher upload rate, unfortunately the downside to DSL is easy interference since it uses your phone line to transmit the data. If your phone lines are old and have not been...
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