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The library is a bunch of sources, resources, and services, and structured in which it is housed, it is organized for its use and maintained by a public body, an institution or public individual. In the more traditional sense, a Library is a collection of books. It can mean the collection, the building or room that houses the collection, or both. The term “library” has itself acquired secondary meaning a collection of useful materials for library informs their users of what the materials are available in and how to access that information. Before the computer age, This was accomplished by card catalog. A cabinet filled with index cards, that identify books and other materials. In the large library, the large card catalog often filled large rooms. The emergence of the internet, however, has led to the collection of electronic catalog database (often referred to a “web cats” or as online public access catalog) which allows users to search the library holding from any location with internet access this style of catalog maintenance is compatible with new types of librarian, such as digital libraries and distributed library as well as older librarian that have been retrofired. This proposed system is an offline access of library transaction including barrowing of books, producing a library report in much accurate and easier way in this library system. The library does not have to use card catalog; all she has to do is search the specific name of the books, title of book and or author in the system common use. In this sense is used in the field such no computer sciences, mathematics, statistics, electronics and biology.


The Jose Rizal Elementary School under by the Department of Education located at Park Avenue Bgy. 88, Pasay City. L like the other librarian in the country faces several problems in their service because of the manual system they uses in their transaction. Manual in the way of locating and knowing if the books is available or not, it become harder for the librarian to see his record one by one.


In this study, the proponents planned to propose a Computer Library system to Jose Rizal Elementary School at Pasay. Specifically, it seeks to answer the following questions.

* What are the problems and difficulties do encounter by the user in using the present system

* What are the problems do the personnel encountered by handling record and files

* What are the advantages of the proposed system in terms of the following: a. File transaction
b. Managing Data
c. Producing report
d. Time effort


* To create a Computer Library System for Jose Rizal Elementary School.


The System Must:
Provide an electronic list of books with accession number, author, title of books, edition, volume, publisher, copy right, copies, and remarks. * Manage in inventory
* More efficient and less time consuming
* Provide the list of employees


In this study there are many persons who will be benefited. The school, librarian, students, teachers, researchers and other concerned persons. * School—it will help a secure assurance by barrowing from the library and can easily detect barrowed books * Librarian- don’t need to consume more time to handle or manage data to produce a report on library manually. The personnel can organize and find the books easily

* Students- it will barrow books in much easier way. It doesn’t have to fill up again library card every time they want to barrow books

* Instructor –they can easily barrow their needs books for their class

* Researchers- it will use to find information needed in their study about computer library system that they can be used for their future references


This study is made for Jose Rizal Elementary...
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