Computer Laboratory Management System

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It is the project about Computer-shop management System. It automates the Systems records, their Selling and Maintenance, Balance evaluation, due to calculation other functions. In other words you can say it a complete computer-shop management System.

In this project we can easily maintain systems sales details. It gives information’s of Annual Transaction of products, its services, daily sales, daily Receipt & Balance. We can see the Systems details before selling the particular items & view for our requirement-satisfying item detail.

Project Scope
The scope of project ‘Computer-shop management system’ is to Develop Visual Basic based software to support for daily sale, receipt & Balance of products and maintain the all information of System related items.

This software will be very useful for the Big Computer Shop as well as the customer. It will perform as the required task of Automation of product by itself in a systematic way.
It will also save lots of time, as system will perform all tasks in quick time profiting customer and shop owner as well, so it will prove very economical in every respect.
Product Perspective
The Computer-shop Management System is the new, self-contained product. The Computer-shop management system is using vb6.0 platform. All components follow Model-View-Controller pattern. The user can retrieve information of their shop progress. All pages of the system are following a consistent theme and clear structure. The occurrence of errors should be minimized through the use of checkboxes and scroll down in order to reduce the amount of text input from user. Error message should be located beside the error input which clearly highlight and tell user how to solve it. If system error, it should provide the contact methods. The page should display the project process in different color to clearly reflect the various states. Each level of user will have its own interface and privilege to mange and modify the project...
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