Computer Knowledge Essay

Topics: Microsoft, Learning, Google Chrome Pages: 1 (255 words) Published: October 4, 2012
Jordan Mitchell
Mr. Ellis – Per. 3
Computer Knowledge Essay

Ever since I was little, I have been exposed to the different types of technology. The most important type is the computer. Before being able to use computers for fun, I had to take the time to thoroughly learn the unique skills in order to be perfect at it. The first time I touched a computer I knew that I had a special interest in it. My past experiences with computers include having to research specific topics for papers and science projects and PowerPoint’s for school. This involves researching on different search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, and making sure you have valid information. I’ve learned from past research projects that Wikipedia isn’t a good source of information because any person is allowed to add/discard any sort of material.

One of the main reasons I am so good at computers are because of the social networks. For example, using Twitter has improved my technological skill so much because you need to know how to navigate the entire Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Without the knowledge of these, it is IMPOSSIBLE to use the internet.

The classes that taught me how to professionally use a computer like Microsoft PowerPoint and Word were the technology courses I took all throughout Middle School like my Introduction to Information Technology class in 6th grade. That course is what taught me everything I know and without that I would probably be clueless on everything proficient.
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