Computer Industry

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Market Size
The computer industry consists of hardware, software, service and an endless array of products we chose to narrow the research to PC’s. The worldwide PC market finished 2004 on a strong note, with double percentage growth for the year, according to research released by IDC and Gartner. Scope of Competitive Rivalry

The competition within the PC industry is extraordinarily strong. The top companies consist of Dell, HP, Apple, Gateway and Sony. Stage in Life Cycle
The stage of the PC industry life cycle can be described as mature. However, the growth of PC sales has not decreased due to the globalization trend taking place within the multinational corporations. Customers

Involving interests of the PC community can be described as diverse. Advantages consist across the board for the PC user. Ranging from music manipulation, video enhancement, money management, research, school, science and a myriad of others; there are many uses for the PC. Therefore this means the customers that buy the computers are diverse and use their machines in a variety of ways. The computer offers an efficient way of running a business, playing a game or managing your calendar. The bottom line is that any person can find a useful attribute for a computer: which provides the industry with revenue higher than the auto and chemical industries combined. Technology/Innovation

Technologies as well as innovation are advancing every year, therefore making the industry fiercer. Ten years from now chances are there will be few computers in home. Instead, people will be wearing computers -- implanted, for example, in eyeglasses, with the retina as the screen -- according to IT pioneer and futurist Raymond Kurzweil. Scale Economies

With most multinational corporations there are two separate economies operating between the actual company and the markets. The separate economies are internal and external. Internal: Tech Economy, Managerial Economy, Financial Economy, Marketing...
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