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PCG0013 Computer Graphics 1

To exposed the students with elements of design in Computer Graphic. Students will learn line in art through software applications. Discover what line quality is and how it is used. Learn about left and right brain thinking and how they relate to create an icon. OBJECTIVE

To develop the skills and techniques by drawing the lines in Adobe Illustrator and become familiar with tools available ( Pen Tools) which can draw all types of paths, straight or curved lines and creating an objects.


Wedding Iconography : Manual Lines (5 %)
1) Students have to find 9 pictures that can be associated as wedding icons from global culture.
(2) Students have to compile the pictures and stylise them manually. (3) You are to submit a nicely (manually) drawn icons on an A3 paper.

Wedding Iconography : Illustrator (5 %)
1) Students have to transfer the stylised icons into Illustrator programme and copy them. You may enhance the look of you icons digitally. But, all have to be 100% line with variable width. (2) You are to submit black and white printed icons on an A3 paper.

Submission Format for Assignment 1 a &b
Both manual and digitally printed icons have to be mounted on a black mounting board with the format as shown below.



Black Mounting Board

2 inches

Icon 7

Icon 4

Icon 1

Name and ID
1.5 X 4 inches
White paper

Icon 8

Icon 2

Icon 5

4 inches

Icon 9

Icon 6

Icon 3
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