Computer Game Addiction

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Computer Game Addiction and Emotional Dependence
Amy W. Poon
Trinity College,

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Poon, Amy W., "Computer Game Addiction and Emotional Dependence". Senior Theses, Trinity College, Hartford, CT 2012. Trinity College Digital Repository,


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Computer Game Addiction and Emotional Dependence Amy Poon Trinity College Fall 2011-Spring 2012

Running Head: COMPUTER GAME ADDICTION Acknowledgments

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I would like to thank Professor Lee for allowing me to conduct my research on Computer Game Addiction, even when it seemed like such a laughable subject. He helped me get IRB approval, conduct the study, and write a thesis, all the while believing that I could finish it all. I am happy to report that he was right. I would also like to thank Professor Chapman, her long hours with me in the library culminated in my results section. Without her patience and guidance, completing this paper would have been impossible. Finally, I would like to acknowledge Jonathan Handali for proofreading my paper. Abstract As computer games grow in popularity, the negative effects of usage should be studied. Computer games (games played on a computer, tablet, or any web-enabled device) have salient qualities, especially MMORPGs, that cause addictive symptoms. I investigated computer game addiction and usage in Trinity College students. A sample of 114 students (M =20.4 years of age, 61% female) was divided into a non-addicted, social player, and computer-addicted group based on Young's Diagnostic Questionnaire. My results showed that there is no significant correlation between day quality and computer game usage, and no significant correlation between emotional dependence and group. Not enough computer-game addicted subjects participated (n=4), so it was unable to be concluded that computer game addicts have lower GPA, or prefer a certain type of game. However, the large number of social players (n=57) shows that more research needs to be conducted to analyze the prevalence of addictive symptoms.

Running Head: COMPUTER GAME ADDICTION Introduction Significance In an increasingly technology-dependent based society, people will continue to use

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computers not only for business but also for pleasure. Computers have become a social and economic necessity that permeates every part of our lives; it is feasible that in the future, every person in the world may own or use a computer. Therefore, necessary precaution must be taken in exploring all the uses of computers, and the negative and consequences of using them on a daily basis. A particular aspect of computing that is fascinating to the public is computer gaming. This aspect of computer usage is recreational and lacks practicality in the majority of people’s daily life. Three different types of computer players have emerged. The first are pro-gamers, competitive and skilled players that play in tournaments and earn money. Depending on the popularity and renown of the game, a player may be sponsored and earn a salary. StarCraft, a real time strategy game, is a popular spectator sport in South Korea where there are at least three television networks dedicated to analysis and watching of games, a draft, and salaried players with the top players being paid in the hundred thousand range (Mars(ATWithMePls), 2008). Only a small percentage of gamers in America can win tournaments and earn enough money to support them financially. The second are social players, who play recreationally and for no monetary gain. They may play socially, to spend time with friends while doing a particular activity, enjoyment of the game itself, or to relieve stress. The third are computer addicts, who dedicate a large portion of their time to playing a computer...
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