Computer Game Addiction

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  • Published : September 29, 2012
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The researcher conducted her study by gathering the opinions about the “The effects of Computer Game Addiction”. And the researcher made sure that the readers would easily understand anything that indicated in this paper.

This chapter contains the research design, research locale, sample and sampling techniques, instrumentation, procedure for gathering data, statistical treatment of data and description of respondents.


This study used the descriptive method to gather the information about the effects of computer game addiction regarding this paper.

The researcher gathered the information from different resources like magazines, internet, and newspaper.


This study was conducted in Lucena City particularly at Big Mom’s Café, 1143 Internet, researchers’ neighbors, Gulang-Gulang National High School and also students from College of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux being surveyed.


Random samplings were used for the selection of respondents. There are 5 gamers in Big Mom’s Café, 8 gamers in 1143 Internet, 7 neighbors, 10 students in Gulang-Gulang National High School, and 5 students in College of Saint Bernard of Clairvaux were being surveyed.


For conducting this study the researcher used only the questionnaires dealing with the effects of computer game addiction.

The questionnaires that the researcher prepared were answered by the gamers in selected cybercafés in Lucena City and the café owners being surveyed.

The researcher distributed the questionnaires to the respondents.


In order the researcher, to able to know the opinions of some people, the researcher distributed the questionnaire to the respondents.

In dealing with respondents, the researcher approached the chosen respondents. The questionnaires distributed in 30 people composed of 10 gamers, 2 café owners, ……. .retrieve after 30 minutes. The result of...
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