Computer Effects on the Academic Performance of Students - Review of Related Literature

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  • Published : March 8, 2013
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English 2 (Writing in Discipline)
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March 1,2013
Love and Infatuation

"I love you" is a very common phrase used by youth to express their feelings to someone. It is often said by a boy to a girl because she is beautiful or similarly by a girl to a boy because he is handsome. However, their expression of words mostly doesn't reflect their actual feelings because they misperceive their infatuation for a particular person with love. This happens because many people have misconception about love and infatuation. Although there are few similarities between them but they are different in many other ways. Love and infatuation can be compared and contrasted on the basis of their roots, motivated feelings and affects on the relationship.

Firstly, love is different from infatuation in terms of its roots. Love is blind and it doesn’t affect by physical attraction or look. Its only based upon an intense of affection for another person and therefore, often called as interpersonal love. Whereas, infatuation is an wasteful passion and its purely based upon physical appearance, beauty and glamour. Other than that the root of love is a feeling of comfort and trust that gives happiness to a person whereas in infatuation, a sexual desire is at the peak to get pleasure.

Secondly, feelings inspired by love is also different from infatuation. Love gives the feeling of security. It makes the person feel that there is someone who cares and loves him. The absence of the person will never make you restless and you might feel doubtful about the commitment in the relationship. Other than that, love is...
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