Computer Crime

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  • Published : November 28, 2008
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Computer Crime Bryan J. Doe CJ375 Research Paper COMPUTER CRIME One of the newest areas of crime is what we call computer crime. The at least seeming anonymity of computer technologies may actually encourage some people who would not otherwise be tempted to commit crimes to do so using the Internet. They may simply believe that they will never be caught, or they may not think about being caught at all. They may simply find the lure of committing virtual crimes too psychologically appealing to resist. Many of those who commit crimes on the Internet are in fact psychologically disturbed and need compassionate treatment by psychiatric professionals. However, this does not lessen the real harm that they can do to people and they must be stopped. Combating the global computer crime pandemic is becoming an increasingly urgent issue, as identity theft and spyware are occurring with alarming frequency. Early instances of computer crime found individuals, corporations and law enforcement unprepared, uninformed and immobilized to address computer crime responsively. This resulted in victims suffering long drawn-out battles to regain their identities. With no guidelines to assist them, many victims endured frustrating battles that yielded little benefit. Corporations likewise faced many obstacles in their uncharted course to recover from data theft. As defined, technology has created a gateway for computer criminals, allowing for easy access to personal or business computers via the internet. Cyber criminals use several different methods to infiltrate business and personal computers; fraudulent marketing schemes, on-line auctions, work-at-home schemes, gambling operations, and spam, just to name a few. Many times home owners and businesses have no idea they have been the victim of a cyber crime. Types of computer crime can sometimes lose their significance when we as citizens wrap it all up into one expression, “computer crime.” There needs to be a further breakdown...
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