Computer Controlled Wireless Vehicle

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The object of this project is to control the robot for security application with help of PC.

The computer controlled robot is very useful in the secured places such home, banks super market etc. We can also use this robot for industrial security application.

Brief Methodology:
This project is designed with
➢ Microcontroller
➢ WL Camera
➢ Tuner Card
➢ Robot model
➢ Encoder with RF Transmitter ➢ Decoder with RF Receiver
➢ PC
➢ Driver Circuits along with Motors




In this project Camera is placed on the robot to capture the pictures in the moving path. The captured pictures modulated with carrier and Transmitted to PC through RF transmitter. In PC side the RF receiver is received the pictures signal and demodulator is used to remove the carrier and then captured pictures are given to PC through tuner Card.

Microcontroller is used to drive the Robot. Here the microcontroller is the flash type reprogrammable micro controller in which we have already programmed with our objective. In this project RF section is used to transfer the control information data between microcontroller and PC. Re transmitter section is connected in the PC side and RF Receiver section is connected in the microcontroller side.

PC is used to drive the robot. The captured picture is displayed in the PC as per the displayed picture the corresponding control information signal from the PC side is encoded with the help of encoder and transmitted to microcontroller through RF Transmitter. The RF Receiver is received the signal in which carrier signals are removed than the signal is given to decoder. Here the encoded signal is decoded to original signal as per transmitted from the PC side. Then the decoded signal is fed to Microcontroller.

Microcontroller received that signals and activates the Driver Circuit. Driver Circuit consists of Transistor which acts as switch to turn ON and turn OFF the relay. The relay output is given to motors which are attached in the robot. If you want to drive the robot in the forward direction corresponding control information is transmitted from PC side to Receiver section. In Receiver section the microcontroller controls the robot in forward direction. Then the captured picture is transmitted to PC.








Microcontrollers are destined to play an increasingly important role in revolutionizing various industries and influencing our day to day life more strongly than one can imagine. Since its emergence in the early 1980's the microcontroller has been recognized as a general purpose building block for intelligent digital systems. It is finding using diverse area, starting from simple children's toys to highly complex spacecraft. Because of its versatility and many advantages, the application domain has spread in all conceivable directions, making it ubiquitous. As a consequence, it has generate a great deal of interest and enthusiasm among students, teachers and practicing engineers, creating an acute education need for imparting the knowledge of microcontroller based system design and development. It identifies the vital features responsible for their tremendous impact, the acute educational need created by them and provides a glimpse of the major application area.


A microcontroller is a complete microprocessor system built on a single IC. Microcontrollers were developed to meet a need for microprocessors to be put into low cost products. Building a complete microprocessor system on a single chip substantially reduces...
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