Computer Comparison

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  • Published : September 4, 2011
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CheckPoint: Computer Comparison

When I compare my computer system to a state-of-the-art computer system I find that there are several similarities and differences. Both computers have the same make up, although the state of the art system offers more storage and memory capabilities. Cost is also a big difference as state of the art computer systems are much more expensive due to what they can offer. Along with the technology that comes along with a state of the art system, is an ever changing industry. Trying to stay on top could result in loss of pertinent data and a financial burden. I purchased my desktop less than a year ago and it has offered me everything that I needed for school and personal use. The desktop that I currently use is a Compaq Persario Model CQ5700Y made by the Hewlett-Packard Company. My desk top runs with an AMD Athlon™ II 170U Processor 2.00 GHz and offers a 64-bit operating system. My system offers 2.00 GB of RAM of which 1.75GB is usable. My system offers 500GB of Hard disk space. My system has several input and out devices such as a monitor, speakers, mouse, keyboard, and screen. The types of storage that my system offers are six USB ports, hard drive, and a DVD-RW drive. When comparing my Personal computer to a state of the art computer the biggest difference is the price tag. State of the art computer systems usually run on Intel Core Duo Processors and operate at a much higher speed. Like I mentioned above state of the art computers come equipped with mass storage. With a state of the art system you usually have more of a choice of colors and styles as the market what today’s consumers are looking for. With all the components that a state of the art system has to offer they tend to lack one thing in their laptops; battery life. As a distant learning student, a wife and a mother I am more confident in a system that has less bells and whistles and that I can more easily understand.
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