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Lesson 11 Vocabulary

1. Antonyms- Words with opposite meanings.
2. Compound Modifier- two words combined to act as an adjective. 3. Compound word- two of more words combined to create a new or more specific word. 4. Hyphen- a horizontal bar character used to indicate a split of incomplete word. 5. Hyphenation zone- the maximum space word allows between a word and the right margin without inserting a hyphen. 6. Synonyms- words with the same meaning.

7. Thesaurus- a listing of words with synonyms and antonyms. 8. Cut- to delete a selection from its original locations and move it to the clipboard. 9. Drag-and-drop editing- the action of using a mouse to drag a selection from its original location and drop it in a new location. 10. Embed- to insert an object created with one program into a file created with a different program. 11. Link- to create a connection between two files, or the connection itself. 12. Office Clipboard- a temp storage area where a selection may be held until it is pasted into a new location. 13. Paste- to insert a selection from the Clipboard into a document. 14. Copy- to create a duplicate of a selection.

15. Border- a lien drawn around the edges of an element, such as a table or a table cell. Borders can also be drawn around graphics, paragraphs, and pages. 16. Cell- the rectangular area at the intersection of a column and arrow in a table, into which you enter data or graphics. 17. Column- a vertical series of cells in a table.

18. Column markers- markers on the horizontal ruler that indicate column dividers. 19. Column width- the width of a column in a table, measured in inches. 20. Contiguous- adjacent to each other.

21. Dividers- the lines that indicate the edges of cells in a table. Dividers do not print, although they are indicated onscreen by either gridlines or borders. 22. End of row markers- nonprinting characters used to mark the end of a...
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