Computer Cafe Feasibility Study

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Our Ideal business is Internet café. Internet café business is indeed a very popular business. It is one of the establishments made indispensable in an increasingly interconnected world. An Internet center or cybercafé is a place which provides internet access to the public, usually for a fee. These businesses usually offer snacks a, hence the café in the name, but then we provide them proper location for their snacks and beverage. It will not allow the customer to eat in front of computers to avoid accidents. The fee for using a computer is usually charged as a time-based rate or per hour rate. “CYBERCLASS INTERNET CAFÉ” is name proposed for our feasibility study. “CYBER” being related to computers and “CLASS” The owner are a body of students meeting regularly to study same course, aside from the owner class definition it is also pertain to the ambiance of the business. Cyber class internet café will provide services that would gives satisfaction to our valued customer. Aside from computer rental that reasonable hourly rates for internet surfing or searching and on line gaming we will offer CD burning, colored, black & photo printing, snacks and beverage like coffee and chocolate and also we accept extra service like ( i.e typing job, editing layouts, editing and downloading video and music, reformats, and installing data) Proposed location will be located at Camia St. Purok 1. Malaria Tala Caloocan City approximate 80 meters away from Schools and Church , Our prospective customer here are everybody- students doing their project and research, residents and gamers. The objective of this proposed feasibility is to acquire the prospective customer and to achieve the desire profit within the specific period of time and also to earn profit as a business minded, to build up one skill’s in term of social communication to retain our valued customer, to give leisure and enjoyment for everybody, to help students especially residents to find computers rental at affordable price and also to be successful partners.

I.II.I LEA JOY BOHOLST- since high school until college I love computer, not because I want but because of the school paper that forced me to be exposed in different version of computers. This are needed to accomplished my subject requirements and also in my

course. Although I have a personal computer and laptop at home, I am also renting computer just to socialize to my friends and classmates. When I’m taking up entrepreneurship, I had an idea to put up an internet cafe and offered it to my classmates for partnership. I believe without computer I can’t survive to my studies and online gaming for entertainment.

I.II.II PRECIOUS JIMENEZ- since elementary I was addicted on arcade until computer was developed. My attention was focused in online gaming. It cost a lot of money renting a computer that’s why my mother decided to put up our own internet centre beside of our house. I ‘am idolizing my mother in running our own business. Aside from using computer, it is also my hobby that connects me to the other “world”. That is the reason why I realize to put up my own business with the help of my classmates as partners in an internet cafe business. I recommend that to make it unique compare to other, We should put up an internet cafe that provides food and beverages that can be sold to the customers. I am a health conscious person. I experience stomach ache while playing online games that is why I proposed that we need to offer foods

I.II.III THERESE VILLANUEVA- as a business oriented, I really wanted to put up a business. My family owns a mini store and I’ am the one who assist our business when there are no classes. I knew that in business you can earn a lot of money. One of my skills is that I am computer literate. As a college student, you are not “in” if you don’t know how to use and operate computer on your...
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