Computer Basic Knowledge

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  • Published: October 29, 2011
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MSCIT Question Bank (As per revised curriculum)
QID ch1 ch1 QUESTION A "computer competent" person must know how to upgrade and repair their computer A computer monitor is a video display device ANSWER option2 option1 TRUE TRUE OPTION1 OPTION2 FALSE FALSE is the term used to describe a communications system connecting two or more computers together FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE FALSE hard disk FALSE FALSE the number of children born in Chicago in 1950 mean of your credit the percentage of card balances for the brown-eyed peop past three years in your class optical disk DVD is the conection describes the relationship between among computer users, often seen at a data element and a conferences database record OPTION3 OPTION4


A computer network


describes the information channels within a system unit

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A computer network allows two or more computers to communicate A computer network supports connectivity A document file is one of the most common types of file A keyboard is one of the common output devices A monitor and printer are the most common input devices for personal computers A mouse is one of the common input devices A PDA is a small, portable computer A storage device that consists of rigid metallic platters, that are used to store programs and very large data files A typical word processor is an example of application software A word processor is an example of a browser application An example of data is

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TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE TRUE floppy disk TRUE TRUE the average rainfall in Texas for 1995



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An operating system like Windows NT is an example of application software Another name for software is Another name for the keyboard, mouse, monitor and system unit is Application software is used to directly control computer hardware...
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