Computer Based Medical Record System

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Modern technology has paved way for the influx of electronic system that caters for the needs of different disciplines such as the banking sector, commercial sectors, downstream sector and educational sector. They make transaction more efficient by automating the process while improving on the weakness of the traditional systems. With the explosion of scientific advances and technology, new treatments, breakthrough in promoting health and medical information, computer based system have started to be used in many places of the world. They are used for high speed electronic access to the latest evidence based practice guide lines; best practiced models, on going clinical trails, scientific research and other health information. (Bush 2002)

More so, electronic copies of key portions of individual health information are contained. These include records from health providers, laboratories, and pharmacies. There has been a promoted access to internet assessment services and health information, which has been built into health information library. Therefore, electrical health records improve quality, accountability, cost, and effectiveness of health care services. It also enhances communication between patients, and Doctors which also improve their discussions about treatment options and more knowledge decisions. Doctors and other workers need access to real time information. That is why successful models of computer based medical record systems have been integrated for comprehensive records. One of such system includes storing of patients' records. Billing, and, accounting. (Tioco, Habana, & Rescuber 2002)


Paper based record keeping has always been the norm in our society, for years, people have been bearing with several issues like reliability, security, and, storage, that comes with paper based system. (Tioco, Habana, & Rescuber 2002) In the study area, records exist only on a single medium through which many people come to refer to it on different levels and for different activities to be carried out. The record cannot be available to all these people at the same time; this is where the problem of availability comes to play. The records are not in duplicate forms, which also make accessibility and retrieval process cumbersome and difficult. These makes decision process slow to the detriment of the whole system. (Tioco, Habana, & Rescuber 2002)

At the Specialist Hospital, for example, the patients have to go into longer waiting time for their records to be sorted out and attended to. The doctors over there also, are not left out of the trouble, since they have to go into thinking back to the cases they treated some times ago. This makes follow-up process difficult.

Therefore, the study intends to transform these processes into a computer based record system, where the records will be on computer systems, which will make accessibility and retrieval easy and fast. This will hasten patient examination process shorter, as doctors will spend less time with patients, because, with few strikes on a system's keyboard information about patients will be displayed.


The aim of this study is to develop a computer based medical record system for Specialist Hospital Yola, with the view to improve their recording system, and, access to Information. The set objectives for this study are:-

1. To study the present recording system of the Specialist Hospital Yola.

2. To examine the problems associated with the existing record system, and, its inadequacies.

3. To develop a computer based system that will be of great help to Specialist Hospital Yola, which will be of maximum benefit to the hospital.

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