Computer Architecture

Topics: Microprocessor, Electrical engineering, Electronic engineering Pages: 7 (1099 words) Published: April 27, 2011
CSCI512-Computer Architecture
Prerequisite: None

Administrative Information:

Class Duration: April 4 to June 26 , 2011
Day/Time: Online
Location: Online
Campus Phone:(703) 941-0949

Instructor Contact Information:

|Instructor: |David Saloman, Professor | |Office Hours: |By appointment | |Office Hour Location: |By appointment | |E-mail: | | | | | |Telephone: |703 473-9661 |

Instructional Material:

William Stallings. (2010). Computer Organization And Architecture, (8thed.) Pearson Prentice-Hall ISBN-13: 978-0-13-607373-4. ISBN-10:0-13-607373-5

Course Description:

The course introduces the computer architecture is a key component of computer engineering and the practicing computer engineer should have a practical understanding of this topic . It is concerned with all aspects of the design and organization of the central processing unit and the integration of the CPU into computer system itself. Architecture extended upward into computer software because processors architecture must cooperate with the operating system and system software. It is difficult to design an operating system well without knowledge of the underlying architecture. Moreover, the computer designer must haven understanding of software in order to implement the optimum architecture. (3 credit hours)

Course Learning Outcome:

Upon successfully completing this course the student will be able to • Provides an overview of computer organization and architecture and looks at how computer design has evolved. • Examines the major components of a computer and their interconnections. • Examines the internal architecture and organization of the processor. • Discusses the internal structure of the processors control unit and the use of microprogramming. • Deals with parallel organization, including symmetric multiprocessing clusters and multicore architecture.

Teaching Method:

This course will be conducted via power point presentations, audio lectures and discussions based on the text and supplemental materials. Threaded discussions to practice negotiation principles, and individual assignments, examination and research/term paper. You will access the course materials on the Moodle web page to view the PowerPoint…………

Course Schedule and Outline:

|Week |Date |Lecture Topic |Assignment Given |Assignment Due |Textbook Reading | |1 |April 10 |Introduction |Assignment 1 |April 16 | | |2 |April 17 |Computer Evolution and Performance |Assignment 2 |April 23 | | |3 |April 24 |A top-level view of computer function and |Assignment 3 |April 30 | | | | |interconnection | | | | |4 |May 1 |Cache Memory |Assignment 4 |May 7 | | |5 |May 8 |Internal Memory...
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