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  • Published: June 29, 2011
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1. This mouse term refers to positioning the mouse pointer on the desired item. Point
2. This mouse term refers to tapping the left mouse button twice in quick succession. Double click 3. This symbol is attached to the mouse pointer when a request is being processed and means “please wait.”Hourglass 4. Click this button on a window Title bar to reduce the window to a task button on the Taskbar.Minimize Window 5. Click this button on a window Title bar to expand the window so it fills the entire screen. Maximize Window 6. Double click the time located at the right side of the Taskbar and this dialog box displays.Date and Time Properties Dialog Box 7. This component of a dialog box generally contains a measurement or number and displays with an up- down-pointing arrow. Text Box 8. Drag this component in a dialog box to increase and decrease the number, speed, or percentage of an option.Slider 9. This toolbar contains buttons for working with documents such as the Open and Save buttons.Standard Toolbar 10. Click this option at the File drop-down menu to save a previously named document with a new name.Save As 11. Use this keyboard command to move the insertion point to the beginning of the document. Ctrl-Home 12. Click this button to check the spelling in a document. ABC/Grammar Button

13. This feature detects and corrects some typographical errors, misspelled words and incorrect capitalizations. Auto Correct 14. Use this feature to find synonyms, antonyms, and related words for a particular word.Thesaurus 15. For easy viewing and reading, display a document in this view. Reading Layout View

16. Expand the viewing area on the screen by changing to this view. View - Full Screen
17. Click these options on the Menu bar to display the Date and Time dialog box.Insert- Date and Time 18. Click this hyperlink at the New Document task pane to display the Templates dialog box. On My Computer 19. Click this button on the Open dialog box toolbar to display the New Folder dialog box.Create a New Folder 20. Select nonadjacent documents at the Open dialog box by holding down this key while clicking each document.Ctrl - key 21. Click this button on the Formatting toolbar to italicize selected text. Italicize Button/Ctrl - I

22. This term refers to the adjustment of spacing between certain character combinations. Kerning for Fonts 23. Display hidden text in a document by clicking this button on the Standard toolbar.Show/Hide Button 24. Press this function key to repeat a command. F4 25. This is the shortcut command to insert the current date. Alt+Shift+D 26. Click this button on the Formatting toolbar to align text at the right margin. Right Align Button

27. Click this button to indent text from the left margin. Left Align Button 28. This is the shortcut command to create a hanging indent. Ctrl + T

29. Change line spacing with this button on the Formatting toolbar. Line Spacing
30. Control spacing above and below paragraphs with these two options from the Paragraph dialog box. Spacing Before/After 31. Click this button on the Formatting toolbar to number selected paragraphs. Numbering Button

32. Click these options to display the Bullets and Numbering dialog box. Format- Bullet and Numbering
33. Insert special characters such as a with options at this dialog box. Insert Symbol
34. Set tab at the Tabs dialog box or using this. Set Tab On The Ruler 35. Click these options to display the Borders and Shading dialog box. Format – Borders and Shading
36. This is the shortcut key to insert and Auto Test entry. F3 37. Click this button at the Find and Replace dialog box to replace all occurrences of text.Edit – Replace - Replace All 38. Click this button on the Standard toolbar to insert selected text in the...
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