Computer and Web Ethic

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Computer and Web Ethic

By | September 2010
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Computer and Web Ethics
Debbie Fuchs
INF 103
Aileen Cole
June 21st, 2010

Without computer ethics where would the web be? Computer ethics are important for making sure the web is a safe environment for its users. While using the internet and computer there are rules to follow. “The study of moral concepts, principles, and reasoning, applied in contexts that involve computers in some essential way. There are many ways to protect your own personal information on the computer.” The internet allows communication with anyone at anytime with the click of a button. While using the internet, make sure to seek the truth and express it. Minimize harm; treat sources and consumers as human beings deserving respect. Be accountable to your readers. Respect information and its infrastructure as property. Everything on the internet is for public viewing. If copying information it must be referenced, give credit where credit is due. What is the Future of computer ethics?

Computer ethics are designed to ensure proper use of information on the internet. While working on the internet there are basic rules of conduct. These are call computer and web ethics. Even in everyday life there are rules to follow. Without rules where would we be in society? As children growing up, parents gave you rules to follow. They continue with you all through life. The study of moral concepts arises. The invasion of someone’s privacy was possible before computers, although since computers and the internet is has amplified this activity. Computer hacking and stealing someone’s personal information has become a greater issue. Pirating commercial software has become an issue, there are significant fines for this behavior, it still happens. Credit card theft is a big issue. People are unaware of the proper sites to enter your information securely. Always make sure the web site is secure, one way is to make sure the website has http: not https: with the s on the end the...

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