Computer Aided Instruction Software (Mathalge++) for Algebra

Topics: Computer software, Arithmetic, Mathematics Pages: 5 (1485 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Chapter I

1.1 Background of the Study
Mathematics is always perceived as a one of the many difficult subjects ever been made to learn. The laws and theories of this subject make it more complicated on the part of the students especially in the higher learning scheme. Some students considered mathematics as a shark in the field ready to swallow you whole. Oftentimes, students view mathematics as an imposing but correct and boring presentation of books and teachers (Bello, 2006). This thinking up to this moment is very much deeming by students. With this research we aim to make mathematics, especially the algebra as enjoyable as possible to those freshmen students in high school level and allow them to be productive as a student upon integrating the computer-assisted program in their studies. Algebra is a branch of mathematics concerning the study of structure, relation, and quantity. Together with geometry, analysis, combinatorics, and number theory, algebra is one of the main branches of mathematics. This only means that algebra needs thorough discussion on the part of the teacher and the assessment with its mathematical concepts to students in a language that they would understand (Dugolski, 2006). A growing number of students are finding it difficult to make the conceptual leap from the concrete numbers of arithmetic to the abstract variables of algebra (Bach & Leither, 2006). A student finds it hard to incorporate their learned principles in their daily lives particularly as they have learned from school. The lack of personal encounter and connection of the basic principles of algebra in their daily living makes it more difficult on their part to really understand the concept of algebra. Polynomials are the basic language of algebra. This deals with the use of the four fundamental operations. This is use in algebra to express and represent quantities in general, such as perimeter, area, revenue, and the volume of blood flowing through the arteries (Bach & Leither, 2006). Polynomials are what comprise algebra. This is the expression that identifies and delegate’s algebra as it is. Polynomial per se is the part of algebra where students tend to avoid especially the complications of operations and the fragile way of dealing the letters and numbers that it has. An important class of problems in algebra is factorization of polynomials, that is, expressing a given polynomial as a product of other polynomials. Computer-assisted instruction (CAI) is a narrower term and most often refers to drill-and-practice, tutorial, or simulation activities offered either by themselves or as supplements to traditional, teacher directed instruction. Computer-based instruction allows students some control over the rate and sequence of the learning (individualization). High-speed personalized responses to learner actions yield a high rate of reinforcement. This is viewed as an effective towards special learners especially students with diverse ethnic background, and students with disabilities (Winslow& Bromer, 1994). In school and after school, at home and at work, children and adults are enjoying the benefits of learning through media and the new technologies especially the interactive part of technology. Mathematics computer programs demonstrate concepts, instruct, and remediate student errors and misunderstandings from preschool through college ( Students can build and test theories about mathematics (Papert, 1993). Beyond the nature of the computer language itself, there is an underlying educational philosophy based on the concepts that learners need to manipulate their environment in order to understand the concepts they are exploring. They begin to explore mathematics, seeing relationships between it and other daily activities. Computer systems can deliver instruction directly to students by allowing them to interact with lessons designed especially...
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