Computer Addiction

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Computer Games have emerged as a popular leisure time activity that many students spend time with. Computer Games were defined as games played on personal computers, Laptop or Notebook. Many educators perceive recreational Computer Games as ‘ time wasters ’. Whilst entertaining games are perceived as not being useful for education and academicians think that the game market has few educationally valuable products.

Problem / Topic Background

The increasing popularity of computer games stimulated a certain amount of research interest in their Effects. Many studies have provided support for the argument that Computer game playing is potentially addictive. With the ever-increasing interest and participation of young generation in this activity, much concern has been expressed about the Effects of these games on them. The increase in the home computer games market has resulted in the ready availability of such games. With this have come concerns about: the amount of time student spend on playing games; whether this is at the expense of other activities; and possible detrimental Effects. In addition, these games’ popularity tends to be based on their realistic effects, clever marketing strategies which are aimed at young generation and an ever-increasing emphasis on violence and destruction.

Purpose / Terms of reference

This study was conducted to investigate the perceptions of a group of prospective students of KTD, Kelantan. It was designed as a survey research study with the purpose of portraying their general opinion and view toward Computer Games addiction and implications for the player’s level of behaviour and its Affects on students specificly.


The term Computer Games used in this survey in place of a variety of other terms, such as PC games or Online games. Both qualitative and quantitative data were collected through a survey instruments :

i. A printed questionnaire form.
-Random sampling methods were used to select participants for this study. The data were collected from all-year students mostly from Computer Science course in KTD. The questionnaire is composed of four section with 21 total questions. Most of the questions are in the form of a four-point Likert scale (Strongly agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, and Strongly Disagree). There are also some multiple choice and short answer. The data were collected from 20 students in a one-day period, during students’ regular course hours at the beginning of the class. On average, students completed the questionnaires in 10 minutes. The purpose of the research and the directions for the questionnaires were conveyed verbally by the researcher before the participants were given the questionnaires. ii. An Internet browse.

-From established Websites ( Yahoo, Googles etc)
iii. Printed mass material
-Source from Magazines, Newspaper and tabloid.


The scope of the report is focus on the implications of playing Computer Games that causes physical and psychological Effects.

The worse Effects of Computer Games

Figure 1

Studies Social life (human & machine relation only)

Lack of interest in other Financial
activities (self centered attitude)

Health Promote fantasy violence

As illustrated in figure 1, the graph shows about The Worse Effects of Computer Games addiction from students view. Most of them believe that Computer Games could affecting studies which represent the highest percentage of 38.1% from the survey. Another 19% think it could affect interest in doing other activities or self centered attitude. While 14.3% represent effect on each health and social life, 9.5% describe effect on financial and other 4.8% believe Computer Games promote fantasy violence.

The Positive aspect or benefit...
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