Computer Addiction

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We are now facing the modern era of technology and this is the computer age. One of the greatest inventions of man for all time is the computer. Many of us cannot deny that they are relying or depends on computer. It is inevitable that others may become addicted to computer because of its amazing features and satisfy their gratification because it makes everything easy and possible. We all enjoy the benefits of the computer, and for many of us it is also an indispensable tool for work, education, and communication.  While time spent on the Internet can be hugely productive, for some people compulsive Internet use can interfere with daily life, work and relationships. When you feel more comfortable with your online friends than your real ones, or you can’t stop yourself from playing games, gambling, or compulsively surfing, even when it has negative consequences in your life, then you may be using the Internet too much. Learn about the signs and symptoms of Internet addiction and how you can get balance back in your online life. The benefits are easier research, better gaming, it's easier to communicate with, it makes business better, it makes it easier to shop, etc. The researchers conduct this research to know how college Cecilian’s depends on computer. How the computers do contributes to their daily life and how it affects their physical, emotional, intellectual, and social aspects.

Statement of Problem

This research aims to determine the percentage of college students in Sta. Cecilia College on how they are dependent in computer. Related Studies
A computer is a programmable machine designed to sequentially and automatically carry out a sequence of arithmetic or logical operations. The particular sequence of operations can be changed readily, allowing the computer to solve more than one kind of problem. The computer is also a computing machine; it offers all benefits of a good well calibrated machine. A computer can repetitively compute without making mistakes (accuracy). A computer is not biased. A computer is quicker in doing assigned tasks since it takes help of Integrated Circuits (speed of electricity?) to process.  The benefits are easier research, better gaming, it's easier to communicate with, it makes business better, it makes it easier to shop, etc. It is very important that a given problem is expressed in computer terminology first, exhaustively and accurately, to avail benefits of computers.  Some people develop bad habits in their computer use that cause them significant problems in their lives. The types of behavior and negative consequences are similar to those of known addictive disorders; therefore, the term Computer or Internet Addiction has come into use. While anyone who uses a computer could be vulnerable, those people who are lonely, shy, easily bored, or suffering from another addiction or impulse control disorder as especially vulnerable to computer abuse. Computer abuse can result from people using it repeatedly as their main stress reliever, instead of having a variety of ways to cope with negative events and feelings. Other misuses can include procrastination from undesirable responsibilities, distraction from being upset, and attempts to meet needs for companionship and belonging. Computer addiction, a loosely used term with Internet Addiction, or Video game addiction, is the excessive or compulsive use of computers to the extent that it interferes with daily life. This disorder may affect the following: social interaction, mood, personality, and work ethic, relationships, thought process. It may also cause social disorders or possibly sleep deprivation. It is important to note that as of now, psychologists are not sure how to label this disorder. Many refer to it as Internet Addiction Disorder; however, computer addiction originated long before internet use is as common as it is today. In addition, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has yet...
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