Computer Addiction

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Constant Gaming is a mental illness which causes the excessive use of computers to the extent that it interferes with daily life. Excessive use may explain problems in social interaction, mood, personality, work ethic, relationships, thought processes, or sleep deprivation. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders does not include a diagnosis for such a disease. Some people develop bad habits in their computer use that cause them significant problems in their lives. The types of behavior and negative consequences are similar to those of known addictive disorders. This type of addiction is very alarming and can truly affect anyone and everyone who is on the computer a lot. Technology is something that everyone has and it is something that is constantly developing and changing however, there is a difference between appreciating the computer for everything it can offer and being addicted to it. Another form of constant gaming is online gaming. This can be in the form of World of Warcraft or even something as simple as The Sims. There are many different kinds of computer games out there and the better you get at them, the better you feel and that is what is soaddicting. Constant gaming is a worrying aspect of the modern-day technologically able youth. Many children spend hours a day on computers, so much so that computers have become a primary source of entertainment for them , as well as a convenient baby-sitter for parents. Throughout this guide, the details of constant gaming will be discussed, such as addiction signs, solutions to the problems and alternatives to computers for entertainment. Constant gaming refers to the excessive amounts of time spent on the computer. The preoccupation can cause problems with relationships and

even with work performance. The time spent on the computer does not refer to work-related activities. From the time computer games made their way into family homes, parents have wondered if violent video games may negatively affect children and teenagers. Today, parents still worry about the effects of violent computer games and of course it also remains a popular topic for the media. However, with a growing up number of children and teens spending excessive time playing computer games, perhaps parents should be more worried about teenagers addicted to computer games than effects of violent video games. An examination of the literature reveals that those who study video game addiction sometimes disagree on the proportion of children and teenagers addicted to computer games. However, the majority of studies suggest that approximately 5 to 10% of youth who play computer games become addicted. Compared to other psychological difficulties (such as depression and anxiety), teenage computer game addiction is obviously a relatively new problem faced by families. As such, parents may lack accurate and/or helpful information on the signs of computer game addiction, the risk factors for video game addiction, and strategies for helping teenagers addicted to computer games after problem develops. As more therapist work with teenagers addicted to computer games and more researchers study the problem, they are becoming better and detecting the signs of addiction to computer games.

Still, there is much confusion about exactly what computer game addiction is and how parents can help a teenager who seems far more interested in playing in a virtual world than living in the real world. It is known that we are leaving in technological era. The computers become irreplaceable tool in everyday life of almost each person. The adult users generally use it for business purposes while youngsters for computer games. Computers became the part of our life and very important component in the spheres of the life is leisure. And nowadays majority of young people spend their leisure time playing computer games, surfing through the internet. Computer games have become one of the favorite...
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