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Title: An Inky Study on the Internet
Company & URL:

Company’s Website: Company’s Facebook page: Other websites:
* How to generate traffic and making people notice their site/ad. * Converting their traffic to sales, encouraging your visitors to purchase your product. * Earning the trust of their customers to purchase online. * Creating a webpage that's convenient to the customer.

* Having a competitive SEO (search engine optimization), would help the customer to easily find their site/page. * Having to compete and raise above all the big time companies. * How capture big clients and loyalty.

* How to prioritize the limited resources for better profit. * How to manage an online marketing body or systems.
* Converting leading brands to sale.
MARCOP INK & TONER CO. was initiated by its corporate owners on January 26, 2006 as a sister company of MARCOP ENTERPRISE. It is a wholesaler and retailer of all types of office supplies, which includes original consumables such as LaserJet toners and DeskJet for HP, Canon, and Epson printer brands and models. The company was built to provide and serve much more companies and institutions with their corporate requirements of all types of office consumables and peripherals referring to computer. NATURE OF BUSINESS

It is a wholesaler and retailer of office accessories (printer, fax, and computer peripherals), office consumables (toners, inks, and ribbons), continuous ink supply system (CISS), and printer repair. It is also a dealer of Hewlett Packard, Epson, and Canon products and other toner and ink cartridges. PRODUCTS


Continuous Ink System


Internet Marketing Strategies:
STEP 1: Enhance brand...

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