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The Newsletter of the IEEE Neural Networks Society
VOLUME 2, Number 1 ISSN 1543-4281 President’s Message
Jacek M. Zurada

February 2004

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1 3 5 6 7 14 15 16 Yuhui Shi Society Briefs
Bogdan M. Wilamowski, Piero P. Bonissone

Particle Swarm Optimization

Conference Report
CEC 2003: Bob McKay

Page 8

Research Frontier
Eugene M. Izhikevich

Successful Story
Gary B. Fogel

“The search process of a PSO algorithm should be a process A New Era:
Neural Netwoks Society Becomes Computational Intelligence Society At its meeting in Savannah, Georgia on February 14th, the IEEE Technical Activities Board voted overwhelmingly in favor of the Neural Networks Society's motion to change its name to the COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE SOCIETY. To become official, the name needs to be approved by the Board of Directors which is expected to meet on June 20, 2004. As many of you may remember, the motion to change NNS's name originated with the unanimous resolution adopted by the ADCOM at its meeting in Washington, DC last November. Effective fall 2004 upon approval, only the new name of the Society will be featured in our promotional flyers, on the periodicals' front covers, and in the renewal materials. I'm sure you are delighted with the change! The new name is more descriptive and inclusive than the old one which only covered a fraction of the Society's scope. In the new name of Computational Intelligence we have encompassed technologies of neural networks, fuzzy sys-

Conference Calendar
Okyay Kaynak

Upcoming Special Issues
Xin Yao

tems, evolutionary computations, and other biologically and linguistically motivated computational paradigms. With the change, the profile of our publications and conference efforts, which include such events as the World Congress on Computational Intelligence, will be more appropriately labeled and represented. As a part of its mission, the Society is also promoting activities in emerging fields such as data mining, bio-informatics, computational finance, computational neuroscience, autonomous mental development, intelligent systems applications

consisted of both contraction and expansion so that it could have the ability to escape from local minima, and eventually find good enough solutions.

Membership Promotion
Vincenzo Piuri and other related areas. Activities in all technical areas are coordinated by one of the Society's eight Technical Committees (TC): Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems, Evolutionary Computation, Emergent Technologies, Financial Engineering, Bioinformatics and Bioengineering, Intelligent Systems Applications, and Autonomous Mental Development. The Society highly encourages its members to participate in its TCs, which serve as forums for the exchange of valuable technical information, the dissemination of ideas and the initiation of new topical trends. It is at this level of involvement where ideas and topics are incubated for special sessions of conferences, new workshops and seminars, and special issues of our journals. Accordingly, our existing TCs will benefit from new members, new insights, and new initiatives. Your involvement can really make a difference for the Society, and please remember that we are all volunteers dedicated to the promotion of the exciting field of the computational intelligence. Dr. Gary Yen, VP for Technical Activities (, or one of the TC Chairs would be delighted to hear from you if you plan to get involved.

President’s Message

Jacek M. Zurada University of Louisville

Executive Officers
President: JACEK M. ZURADA, Univ. of Louisville Past President: EVANGELIA MICHELI-TZANAKOU, Rutgers Univ. Vice President - Conferences: OKYAY KAYNAK, Bogazici Univ. Vice President - Finance: BOGDAN (DAN) M. WILAMOWSKI, Auburn University Vice President - Membership: VINCENZO PIURI, Univ. of Milan Vice President - Publications: DAVID B. FOGEL, Natural...
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