Compulsive Consumption

Topics: Want, Self-esteem, Credit history Pages: 4 (1290 words) Published: February 2, 2013
The movie, Shopaholic, presents the life and characteristics of a shopaholic who have compulsive consumption behavior. In this report, we will discuss some of the reasons of compulsive consumption behavior.

2.1 The long-term inhibition of the desire and freedom to buy intensifies the need for power. Many compulsive spenders have the experiences that they were inhibited to buy. For example, the economic dependence made Rebecca, the girl in the movie, being confined to buy things when she was little. And her father and mother had a frugal lifestyle. Her mother dealt expertly with finding bargaining or second-hand goods. And Rebecca was laughed by peers in a store when her mother decided to buy her a pair of silly shoes on sale, which harmed her. Experiences like this made her humble, like she was inferior to her peers. She felt a lack of power to control her life. And this low self-esteem accelerates her strong desire to buy all beautiful things arbitrarily since she was little. The desire of controlling what to buy is a need for power. People want to have the power to control the environment. The long-time inhibition of this desire is broken when she is economic independently and can make the decision to buy what she wants. The long-term restrained desire breaks out, which leads to her crazy shopping behavior. Buying whatever she wants is a way to fulfill her need for power. Another case is that when she is in a discount shop, she sees a pair of shoes, but she gives up it because it strikes her she does not need it. However, she spares no efforts to buy them when another woman wants to own them. It shows the need for power, to control to buy things. Getting them seems that she is the winner, which also presents the self-esteem, the ego need.

2.2 People have the ego need of high self-esteem.
What people who have compulsive consumption behavior usually buy are dresses and personal adornments or something else related to their appearance...
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